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POI comes to Manchester’s CornerHouse

June 5, 2009
Richard Charnock's an exploration of consciousness

Richard Charnock's an exploration of consciousness

It not often that an exhibition gives part of its space to a massive rabbit run complete with a happy munching rabbit but that is exactly what the Manchester Cornerhouse’s POI has done.

Last night saw the preview of the month long new initiative which says the organisers

departs from the conventional exhibition format with an emphasis on new risk taking ideas and providing a platform for new artists.

POI (or a point of interest) is a mapping reference which is used in networking and social media.It is also the Maori art of spinning objects through space.

Across three floors it contains many diverse exhibits including Max Livesey’s interactive globe with vast swathes of Europe, the Middle East and North America cut out which the artist does to distract the observer from the high resolution urban locations of the world.These are then projected in a distorted fashion onto a blank globe behind on a high resoultion screen.

Manchester's Corner House last night

Manchester's Corner House last night

Joe Duffy projects images of Prague onto three screens using its TV tower as the central point and Eimer Birkbeck puts you in a room and plays you the many sounds of downtown Marseille from laughing and chattering to street protests.

But to the rabbit ,who in Richard Charnock’s Exploration of Consciousness,is in a large pen seemingly happy with straw,fair trade boxes and elongated cardboard tubes.

Participants are attracted by the enticing nature of the rabbit making itself at home in friendly surroundings to be fed familiar sounds thus exploring different levels of awareness and input.The duality involved in creating and shaping the sounds prompt a gentle conflict between viewer and rabbit

The free exhibition runs from today until the 28th June everyday except for Monday.

Check details at
70 Oxford Rd Manchester MI 5NH

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