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Thoughts of our coastline from South Africa

July 28, 2009

Scott Ramsey is currently on a month long expedition driving around the coast of Britain and in the past few days has passed through the North West.

He has been blogging the journey day by day and these are some of his comments about our region

On Blackpool

Blackpool is definitely not a place to go for a restorative beach holiday, it doesn’t pretend to be a genteel, scenic spot, and it’s entirely comfortable in its own loud and brash skin. There are certainly lots of fun things to do, especially for young kids and parents who want to be kids again.

And Whitehaven

At first sight, Whitehaven seems like any other mid-size town along the west coast of England. But it’s rich in history. For a seemingly pretty, innocuous place, Whitehaven punched far above its weight in the global stakes.

On Silecroft

Silecroft could be a place I’ve been expecting. Before I started this trip, except for one trip to Lymington on the south coast, I had never visited the coast of this island. I imagined the edge of Britain to be windswept and wild, mountains and hills falling to the sea, the area sparsely inhabited by friendly, charismatic locals who speak the local dialect, and full of cows, horses, sheep and border collies.

Scott is currently in Southern Scotland around half way through his trip.

You can check out his travels on his blog

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