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Manchester commemorates the Peterloo massacre

August 15, 2009

It is 190 years this weekend since the Peterloo massacre in Manchester when a huge crowd descended on the city to campaign for the right to vote expecting to hear prominent politicians speak on the subject of reform.

Instead 15 of them died and over 600 were injured after the local Yeomanry charged into the crowd in what was dubbed the Peterloo massacre coming four year after the glorious victory of Waterloo.

Dreadful Scene at Peterloo

Dreadful Scene at Peterloo

This weekend sees the city commemorating the events of that fateful day.Writer and local historian Jonathan Schofield will lead a walk around the area starting at 3.00 pm today from the visitor centre in Manchester.

Tomorrow will see Manchester campaigners being met on the steps of Manchester Central  by delegates who have marched in from Oldham and Middleton along the original 1819 routes.

If you want to take part in Jonathan’s walk,tickets cost £6,you can book by ringing him on 07876235638 or by email at

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