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Liverpool’s Irish festival

September 6, 2009

October sees Liverpool’s Irish festival return to the city.

Running from the 19th to the end of the month,the seventh Festival celebrates the links between the city and Ireland.

The full list of events is here but amongst the highlights a heritage walking tour conducted by local historians, Greg Quiery and Dr Ian McKeane, featuring stories on O’Connell, Parnell, Bessie Braddock and Dandy Pat some of the colourful characters of the past.

An all star concert featuring Chris Boland, John Murphy, Fiona McConnell, and Liam Murphy as well as traditional Irish music at Peter Kavanagh’s, Egerton Street,The Casa, Hope Street and Peter Kavanagh’s, Egerton Street.

There will also be a giant ceili on Sunday 20 September to kick off the festival launch

The city’s links to Ireland go back a long way.The city is 65 miles closer to Dublin than it is to London.

During the 19th century,Liverpool was the centre of Irish immigration as people fled the famine.In 1847 alone, 300,000 Irish refugees came to Liverpool to leave the famine behind,crossing for just six pence on the so called “coffin ships”.It was estimated that 25 per cent of the popultaion was of Irish decent by the middle of the century.

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