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Great Mitton

Great Mitton

Welcome to North West Scenes.

Most people think that they know about Lancashire. Manchester is always wet ,women are wrapped in shawls and everybody wears clogs,the houses are tiny and terraced ,thick smoke drifts across a bleak landscape and the county is inhabited by Coronation Street charactors,Gracie Field’s look alikes, comedians of doubtful description and and rogues from many a TV series

writes Alan Crosby in the introduction to his book,”A History of Lancashire”

We now appreciate more fully the remarkable range and variety of the counties landscapes,from the heights of Conistion to the marshes of the Mersey,from the lonely moors of Bowland to the thriving commercial heart of Manchester from the raucous magnificence of Blackpool to the picturesque charm of Downham.

This site aims to celebrate everything that is the North West of England.It will promote the area both for people that already live in and for those who want to visit.

It will aim to bring together people with a common interest in the region,give interesting insights into the area and act as a forum for discussion.

Please enjoy

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